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Learn how to grow your own Strawberries with our step by step guide.
How to grow Courgette How to grow Courgette
Courgette aka Zucchini are a part of the wider marrow family, fast and easy to grow the are a popular summer crop. Easily stored as can be frozen for use in hearty winter soups and stews.
How to grow Chinese Cabbage How to grow Chinese Cabbage
Looking to get adventurous in the vegetable garden this summer why not plant some Chinese cabbage or sometimes referred to as celery cabbage, snow cabbage, peking cabbage or more commonly pak choi or bok choy.
How to grow Chillies How to grow Chillies
Chillies are a very fussy crop to grow. But if you are like us here at how to grow gardening you will love the pleasure that is obtained by growing your own Chillies. Nothing beats using them in the kitchen fresh from the garden! Or if you are like me and your eyes are bigger than your stomach using them year round from the freezer.
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How to grow Daphne How to grow Daphne
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How to grow Mustard Greens How to grow Mustard Greens
Learn how to grow Mustard Greens with our simple step by step guide. Mustard greens, also known as Indian mustard, Chinese mustard and leaf mustard, is a species of mustard plant.
How to grow Onions How to grow Onions
Learn how to grow Onions with our simple step by step guide. The onion is the one of the most widely cultivated and popular plants
How to grow Polyanthus How to grow Polyanthus
Learn how to grow Polyanthus with our simple detailed guide.
How to grow Shallots How to grow Shallots
Learn how to grow Shallots with our easy step by step guide. Shallots, as a variety of onion, taste like common onions, but have a sweeter, milder, richer and more complex flavour.
How to grow Campanula How to grow Campanula
Learn how to grow Campanula's with our easy step by step guide.

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How to grow Broad Beans

How to grow Broad Beans

Learn how to grow Broad Beans with our step by step guide.  They are quick and easy to grow and seem to thrive in most fertile soils.

Broad Beans Varieties:

  • Dwarf early Green – on grow to 50cm tall – dwarf plant, sweet beans.
  • Exhibition Long Pod – Grow approx 1.2m tall with long bean pods.
  • Superaguadulce – heirloom variety which can get to 2m tall.

When, where and how to plant Broad Beans

Broad Beans are very tolerant of the soil they grow in. They prefer a deep free draining soil. Most soils however are perfectly adequate for broad beans although they will not stand being water-logged.
Soak seeds in water over night to speed up the germination process. Choose a sunny site away from strong winter winds. Broad beans are tall plants that may require staking to avoid plants falling over.
Sow in autumn or early winter in double rows 30cm apart and trenches 5cm deep, with 10cm between each seed. The seed is quick to germinate, be aware that birds will be tempted as the fresh new shoots are delicious. Seedlings are widely available from garden centres in the autumn and winter months. 

Broad Beans Growing Guide

Once plants are established, keep well watered and regularly tie up branches. Mulch can be added in cold areas to keep soil temperature warmer. Broad beans are pollinated by Bees –  don’t panic if your beans are producing a lot of flowers and not many beans. Once the bees have been you will soon notice pods forming.
If you are growing red-flowered or other heritage broad beans and want to save seeds, be aware that they will cross-pollinate with other broad beans within bee-flying distance and may not breed true.

Broad Beans Harvesting

Harvest beans when they are ready. Regular harvesting will encourage new growth and a prolonged crop. In warm areas you can cut back the beans to encourage a second flush and new crop. Fresh new shoots can be used as salad

How to use Broad Beans

Use beans as a regular vegetable for the dinner table. They work well in stir-fries and can be added to casseroles and stews. Beans freeze well and will last up to 6 months in the freezer. Be careful not to over cook them.

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