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How to grow Kiwifruit

How to grow Kiwifruit

The Kiwifruit is an icon of New Zealand. The tastey green or yellow flesh is sweet and packed full of vitamins and minerals that it nutritious and good for you.

Kiwifruit Varieties:

The two main varieties available are:

  • Actinidia Hayward male
  • Actinidia Hayward female

When, where and how to plant Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit will tolerate part shade but prefer a sunny location where they can ramble across some type of trellising system. The vines should be protected from strong winds. Spring gusts can snap off new growth where it emerges from the canes. Plant new plants out in spring, note you will need both a male and female plant for pollination. 1 male plant can provide adequate pollination for up to 6 nearby female plants. They prefer well-drained soils that are rich in organic matter. Add compost or well rotted manure if soil is light or fine. Kiwifruit plants need large volumes of water during the entire growing season but must also be in well-drained soils. Watering regularly in the heat of the summer is a must. Never allow a plant to undergo drought stress.

Kiwifruit Growing Guide:

  • From planting to harvest will take 3-4 years (but well worth the wait).
  • Water well through dry periods
  • Attach growing vines to wires or support
  • Apply nitrogen feeders in abundance during the first half of the growing season. Late season applications of nitrogen will enhance fruit size but are discouraged as the fruit then tends to store poorly.
  • Prune in winter back to encourage new shoots for following year and to allow light and air into the vine for pollination. Fruit will bear on last season's growth so pruning is essential as the vines can grow very tall.

How to Harvest Kiwifruit

Harvest when fruits feel soft to touch. Kiwifruit will store in the fridge for months if picked at the soft stage and will ripen when left out on the bench in a few days. Wait for at least 5 days after rain before harvesting. This ensures the concentration of sugar is high.

How to use Kiwifruit

Use fresh or in desserts, pies and chutneys. Or on the old pav!

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