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How to grow Cucumber

How to grow Cucumber

Cucumbers have been extensively grown for many years. Cucumbers are quick and easy to grow, very remunerative and will reward you with long juicy produce for months on end.

Cucumber Varieties

These are numerous, as improved kinds or forms are continually being produced.

  • Telegraph – which are the long tube like varieties
  • Diva,
  • Green Dragon
  • Long White Wonder telegraph.

Crystal Apple is a round apple type, while Cucumber Lemon is a light yellow fruit, like the colour, size and shape of pale lemons.
Besides, you get other varieties like Cucumber Marketmore and Cucumber Oriental Soo Yoh.

When, where and how to plant Cucumber

The finest cucumbers are those grown under glass, and very early crops are obtained provided the house is fitted with a hot-water service, or some other means by which artificial heat can be supplied.

You can sow seeds in trays and prick out into pots once seeds have germinated. Cucumber seeds are prone to dampening off fungal problems when germinating. Be careful not to get seed trays too wet and ensure you have good ventilation.

Alternatively purchase plants in spring at the garden centre. Cucumbers are very frost tender and cold harsh winds give them such a check that they become stationery for a time, and they never properly recover from any injury received when in the seedling state.

Telegraph varieties will produce long straight cucumbers if trained up wires and kept off the ground. One plant can produce dozens of cucumbers.

Cucumber Growing Guide:

The amateur of home gardener, can produce cucumbers of the finest flavor, appearance and size that will compare favourably with those grown under glass by following the right growing directions.

Cucumbers like heat and moisture to flourish, so glass house conditions are prefect as long as good ventilation is available. High humidity will encourage pests and diseases, so remember to open vents or doors on glass house often.

Water the plants frequently during hot weather, and give frequent applications of manure water, but only do so when the soil is moist. Cucumbers are gross feeders and enjoy regular applications of fertiliser. Remove any dead or diseased parts of the plant.

Cucumber Harvesting

Regular harvesting will encourage new flowers and fruit.

You can pick telegraph types when cucumbers are 20cm long and apple types are the size of an apple. When ripe the apple variety fruit will have small white spines (soft prickles) and faint green markings.

How to use Cucumbers

Relish them in salads, sandwiches or on crackers, or use them to make chutneys and pickles. Apple size cucumber has a sweet taste and crisp juicy flesh that can be eaten thin skin and all.

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