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How to grow Avocados

How to grow Avocados

It's pretty hard to best the taste of a nice ripe Avocado! Its not as quite as sweet as most fruit, but I love it for it's slightly oily creamy texture and subtle taste that goes so well on crakers or toast (im thinking eggs benedict), in sandwiches, burgers and salads.

Avocado Tree maturity (grafted): Approx. 7 years Max height: 15 metres Common varieties: Hass & Reed

Ideal Avocado Climate

Your avocado tree should be placed on site facing north so that it will benefit from the suns warmth throughout the day while being protecting from the wind. Avocado trees can only stand very light frosts (-2C will cause damage to the trees).

Growing Avocados

One of the most important things to remember about avocados is that they are unlikely to produce quality fruit or high yeild if you grow them from seed. The avocado root is susceptable to disease and cold which will hinder its growth and fruiting. For the long term success of your avocado tree you are best to start with a sapling from your local garden centre where the avocado has been grafted onto different root stock. Check that the graft has healed on the avocado tree you purchasing.

Planting Avocados

The soil shoud be a depth of at least 1.5m. Rot root can occur (caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi) if the soil is not free draining, so make sure there are no impervious layers in the soil.

Fertilsing Avocados

Avocado need lots of Nitrogen and it is recommended that phosphorus and potassium are also applied.

Harvest Avocados

Avocado will not ripen while still attached to the tree. After maturing for 9-12 months they will be ready to remove. Within a few weeks your avocado will be soft and ready to eat. Pruning The Avocado can be pruned for shape, but please note that the fruit is always produced on the previous years growth so any pruning will reduce the coming years crop.

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