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Looking to get adventurous in the vegetable garden this summer why not plant some Chinese cabbage or sometimes referred to as celery cabbage, snow cabbage, peking cabbage or more commonly pak choi or bok choy.
How to grow Chillies How to grow Chillies
Chillies are a very fussy crop to grow. But if you are like us here at how to grow gardening you will love the pleasure that is obtained by growing your own Chillies. Nothing beats using them in the kitchen fresh from the garden! Or if you are like me and your eyes are bigger than your stomach using them year round from the freezer.
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How to grow Cherries

How to grow Cherries

Learn how to grow Cherries with our step by step guide we make it easy to get growing!

From the small wild cherry thousands of years ago, man's enjoyment of cherries has developed and we now expect to eat sweet varieties whenever in season.

We have wild cherry trees popping up everywhere in our garden. Thanks to the birds spitting out the pips on their own doorstep!

  • SOIL: Prefers well drained soil, rich in potash and lime.
  • PLANTING SITE: Warm, sunny, dry and sheltered site is best, protected from Spring frosts. Plant 4-5m apart from other large trees.
  • WATERING: Water well during the early stages, during long dry periods and when the fruit is developing.
  • CLIMATE: Cherries do best in areas with cold Winters, dry Springs and Summers. Cherries are tolerant of hot humid weather.
  • PESTS & DISEASES: Cherries are particularly prone to bacterial canker, silver leaf disease and aphids.
  • IDEAS: Stonefruit trees can be ‘espalier’ trained against a wall or fence in a fan shape. Cherries on dwarf rootstocks may be planted in containers. FRUIT: Fruit ripens from early to late Summer, depending on the variety.
  • POLINATION: Some varieties are self fertile, while others require another variety for pollination.
  • TREE SIZE: Cherry trees can grow up to 7m tall.

How to pruce CHERRIES

Young cherries need pruning to develop the correct shape, and mature plants will produce a better crop if pruned to encourage fruiting wood.

Cherry pruning should be carried out in the growing season. This reduces the risk of infection by the spores of silver leaf disease which are most widespread in winter. Initial pruning and training of young trees is best carried out in spring, just as the buds are breaking. Other pruning to correct problems and encourage fruiting should be carried out in summer once the fruit has been picked. Initial pruning and training is the same for all types of cherry. You can train them either as a free-standing small tree (usually known as a bush), or as a fan tied onto wires spaced 30cm or less apart. The wires can be supported on a wall, which has the added benefits of providing shelter plus storing and radiating warmth, or on a fence or between free-standing posts.


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