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How to Grow Avocados How to Grow Avocados
Learn how to grow Avocados with our easy step by step guide. Read more here.
How to grow Strawberries How to grow Strawberries
Learn how to grow your own Strawberries with our step by step guide.
How to grow Courgette How to grow Courgette
Courgette aka Zucchini are a part of the wider marrow family, fast and easy to grow the are a popular summer crop. Easily stored as can be frozen for use in hearty winter soups and stews.
How to grow Chinese Cabbage How to grow Chinese Cabbage
Looking to get adventurous in the vegetable garden this summer why not plant some Chinese cabbage or sometimes referred to as celery cabbage, snow cabbage, peking cabbage or more commonly pak choi or bok choy.
How to grow Chillies How to grow Chillies
Chillies are a very fussy crop to grow. But if you are like us here at how to grow gardening you will love the pleasure that is obtained by growing your own Chillies. Nothing beats using them in the kitchen fresh from the garden! Or if you are like me and your eyes are bigger than your stomach using them year round from the freezer.
How to grow Verbena How to grow Verbena
Learn how to grow Verbena with our step by step guide.
How to grow Gladioli How to grow Gladioli
Learn How to grow Gladioli with our easy step by step guide.
How to grow Mesculun Salad Greens How to grow Mesculun Salad Greens
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How to grow Lilies How to grow Lilies
Learn How to grow Lilies with our easy step by step guide.
How to grow Daphne How to grow Daphne
Learn how to grow Daphne with our simple step by step guide.
How to grow Mustard Greens How to grow Mustard Greens
Learn how to grow Mustard Greens with our simple step by step guide. Mustard greens, also known as Indian mustard, Chinese mustard and leaf mustard, is a species of mustard plant.
How to grow Onions How to grow Onions
Learn how to grow Onions with our simple step by step guide. The onion is the one of the most widely cultivated and popular plants
How to grow Polyanthus How to grow Polyanthus
Learn how to grow Polyanthus with our simple detailed guide.
How to grow Shallots How to grow Shallots
Learn how to grow Shallots with our easy step by step guide. Shallots, as a variety of onion, taste like common onions, but have a sweeter, milder, richer and more complex flavour.
How to grow Campanula How to grow Campanula
Learn how to grow Campanula's with our easy step by step guide.

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How to Grow Cauliflower

How to Grow Cauliflower

Learn how to grow cauliflower with our step by step guide. The flavour of a crisp white cauliflower is hard to match, used in a variety of different ways in different dishes Cauliflower is a vegetable not to be underestimated. Can be grown all year round which makes it a low maintenance option for the vege patch.

Cauliflower Varieties and types:

  • Large Head  types – these are the most common garden varieties. Look for Cauliflower ‘All Year’ hybrid – it’s the easiest large variety to go
  • Small head – Try Snowball. This variety will happily grow in a container and is only about 10cm in diameter.

When, where and how to plant Cauliflower

Cauliflower can be grown all year round in many areas. Choose a position in full sun. Prepare ground well prior to planting or sowing seeds. Add compost and blend in well.
You can either buy seedlings or sown your own seeds. When you are sowing seeds, you will find it germinates best during spring and autumn. Avoid using fertilsier that is high in nitrogen on your Cauliflowers, it will cause more leaf growth.

Cauliflower Growing Guide:

Once Cauliflower seedlings appear or are planted, apply slug and snail bait around the plants. Apply liquid fertilizer each month. Crop should be ready in 2-3 months from planting. Water well over dry periods. Aphids and white butterflies can be a problem, spray with a good bug spray, insecticide. One of the keys to success with cauliflower is consistency of care. Wrapping the foliage around the head while it’s forming will keep the heads white. It can add as a frost protection over winter months too and protect the crop from sun damage as well.

Cauliflower Harvesting

Harvest Cauliflower when the heads have formed and are of a reasonable size.  Use a sharp knife and remove the hard from the stalk. Remove the plant from the ground and add to your compost.

How to use Cauliflower

Use as a vegetable for any meal. Cauliflower is ideal in stir-fries, soups and salads. The how to grow gardeing team favourite is to cover freshly grown and cooked cauliflower with a rich cheese sauce. The leaves can be used in the same way cabbage would be. Cauliflower freezes well for up to 6 months.

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